Sunday, September 11, 2011

MxMo LXI Announcement: Local Color

We’ve seen a lot of press for the local craft beer movement and the “source local foods/ingredients!” movement in general, but the local craft spirits movement hasn’t seen quite so much face time.  We all know that certainly hasn’t stopped it from its recent rapid expansion, however!  With all the talk of supporting local in the industry (as well as other facets of our lives), I felt that the “local” craft spirits scene would be the perfect backdrop for September’s MxMo LXI.  

From Corsair’s wide range of spirits in Kentucky and Tennessee, to Michigan’s St. Julian Winery expanding into the vodka scene, to Michigan’s New Holland Brewery branching out with a distilling division, to Wisconsin’s fantastic Death’s Door, to my own Ohio’s wonderful Watershed Distillery, OYO (from Middle West Spirits), and Buckeye labels, we’ve got some great new products to play with and brag about--so why don't we?!

So…pull out your favorite “local” craft spirit (for those of you not in the US, what hidden gem from your neck of the woods do you want to give some cocktail press?), tell us a little bit about it and why you love it, and let it shine in whichever way (or ways!) you see fit!

Here are the details:
  • MxMo is open to EVERYONE--bartender, manager, professional, amateur, non-hospitality CEO...whatever.  If you have a drink you want featured and it follows the guidelines above, send it my way!
  • Submit your post or email by midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, September 25th.  To submit, comment on this post, leaving a link to your own blog post.  If you don’t have a blog, don't worry!  Email me (Lindsay at alcoholalchemy dot com) with all the items listed below.
  • Your submission should include a recipe, a photo, and a write-up on the drink.  The drink doesn’t have to be an original recipe, but if you borrow please credit your source--we all know what they say about karma.
  • In your post, include the MxMo logo and a link back to both the Mixology Monday and the Alcohol Alchemy blog sites.
  • Adding a link to the round-up post after the fact is not necessary, but always a nice touch :-)
Now...get mixing, and have fun!

ETA: Okay, okay...herding cats, I know.  I just discovered I'm off work on Tuesday, so I'm going to extend my deadline until Monday evening, and I'll be piecing together the round-up on if you're running a bit behind, don't worry--we'll get you in!

ETA 2: Round-Up posted!


  1. Hi Lindsay!
    Thanks for the hosting.
    Here I submit my MixMo post:

    Cheers, Alex

  2. Thank you so much for the submissions so far! I absolutely love learning about new things :-)

  3. Hey Lindsay-

    Great use of vodka in the Autumn Blaze, here's my first contribution to MxMo, thanks for hosting-


  4. Lindsay, here is the Boston recipe the Ward 8 made with a rye from Gloucester, MA:

  5. Heyya Lindsay. A couple of gin items from the SF Bay Area featuring Anchor and St. George gins:

  6. Lindsay, Here's my submission for this month. Looking forward to the roundup! - Dennis

  7. Hi,

    Hope I'm not too late. Here's my drink for MxMo. Thanks for hosting this month's theme!

  8. Sorry to ramble on but I couldn’t resist adding a bonus cocktail:

  9. @AJR: Not too late at all :-) I've extended a day since I'm off tomorrow to post the round-up :-)

    @Rowen: Ramble away! When inspiration strikes you just have to go with it ;-)

  10. Here's the recipe for The Concordian which will debut this week at Felicia's Atomic Lounge in the heart of the Finger Lakes. I totally LOVE harvest season.

  11. Lindsay,

    Thanks for hosting! Here is my post for MxMoLXI, featuring Okanagan Spirits Aquavitus and the Johnny Aquasauce cocktail:{3EF74AC2-8A82-471B-B88B-40E10C50C200}