Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mixology Monday: Flores de Mayo

 So it appears that Blogger ate my Mixology Monday post,and since MxMo is tomorrow and my post still hasn't returned...I guess I need to try this again.

This month's theme for MxMo is Flores de Mayo--floral cocktails!--and is being hosted by Dave over at The Barman Cometh.  My cocktail is actually a pair of cocktails that came about when I was trying to think of what flavor profiles I would like to pair with Hendricks.  I ended up with Fernet Branca and rosewater in the recipe, and then I thought..."hm...Four Roses would go really well with these, too!"  What resulted was a pair of cocktails that I knew I could not bear to separate if they were ever to go on a cocktail list.  The only challenge was naming them.  These are two pages taken from the same chapter, so to speak, and the name needed to reflect that.  After grilling my brain since their creations in...well...February, I finally figured it out a few weeks ago--Gatsby and Daisy.

The Gatsby
Method:  Shake and Strain
Glassware:  10 oz Collins
Garnish:  Lemon twist

1.25 oz Four Roses bourbon
3/4 tsp Fernet Branca
.33 oz Rosewater simple syrup**

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into Collins glass filled with ice.  Top with ginger ale.  Garnish.

The Daisy
Method:  Shake and strain
Glassware:  Champagne flute
Garnish:  Lemon twist

1 oz Hendricks gin
1/2 tsp Fernet Branca
.33 oz Rosewater simple syrup**

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into champagne flute.  Top with prosecco.  Garnish.

**To make the rosewater simple syrup, simply add one drop of rosewater to one ounce of 2:1 simple syrup.


  1. Working up the courage to work my bottle of Fernet. I think champagne should help! Love your Gatsby/Daisy idea – very creative. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you! Fernet doesn't really take *courage* so much as The herbals are really so lovely with the florals that I just couldn't resist.

    P.S. Your cocktail is unbelievably beautiful, and I can't wait to try it myself. I can't help but still love elderflower, too, even though my first experience with it was a truly horrid fauxtini at a restaurant I used to serve at that tasted like taking a bite out of a bouquet of flowers.

  3. Thanks very much! Glad you made it past that first bad experience with elderflower. I especially love it with champagne, a drink that has recently replaced my Sunday morning mimosa.